Friday, January 28, 2011

new Release 1/28/11

Its Snowboard and Ski Season, enjoying hot cocoa, being bundled up and traveling to snow lodges or ski resorts, hitting up the slops, going snowboarding or skiing.

I love Snowboarding, go as much as I can. I also enjoy having my snowboards around even on off season because they do make for great decoration to the room being hung on the wall.
I wanted to have something in SL as well.
and hope everyone will enjoy this set as much as I do creating it. =)

Available here @ the Main Store

new Releases 1/28/11

I got a few new Releases for this week.

Snow is just pilling up and we keep getting more, and I know we all love to decorate our parcels or sims to winter, summer, spring or fall.
I had my best friend Jennaa ask me to scuplt some snow covered rocks because she wanted to decorate her sim, I saw it as a fun little challenge,
I tried making these as low prim as possible and this is what I came up with.
Also made them without being snow covered

Their Available at The Mainstore right here and also Available on Marketplace

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New Release 1/12/11

Got something new but different and for different market as well, this time something for the builders out there or anyone who loves cats.
Was a fun little challange, def will be seeing normal copies of these textured as well at the store soon for you cat lovers, thought tho I give a scuplt kit a try, never hurts trying new stuff.