Saturday, November 27, 2010

Black Friday Weekend Sale @ Baustein

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Bit late but newish release

RL has been really crazy lately and brought me behind with blogging my latest releases, thankfully things been getting slowly a bit better and found time to blog.
So yeah even tho its been released inworld I cant slack with blogging lol.
Anyway if you havent seen The Chapman yet, then get to see what is for sale at the Main Store =)

Perfect for your Mudroom or hallway in your house, did add a little glam to it, low prim, detailed baked lighting, only 19 prims, scuplted prims, shadow prim to give it a lil more detail in the back.
So come check it out if you haven't yet.
Right here @ the Main Store
The Chapman has two different choices to choose from, can go with the white washed style or the gray wood style.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

New Release 7/14/10

Dont we all just love to walk through the park in the evening lanterns or the old style street lights lit up or through the city at night?
I love looking at the night life seeing all the lights lit up, especially when I used to live in Germany, still somewhat old but adds character.
So I thought i'd make some street lights which reminds me of home a bit and hope everyone who likes to decorate their sims or parcels will enjoy them too.
Can Grab them at the Main Store, as the fat pack or separate
Click here for TP to the Main Store

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

New Release 6/30/10

Really happy about this set, been in the works for a while and wanted to make something special just for sale at Journey, Home of Tuli Skins.
Custom made scuplts, baked textures, texture changer for the chair, 4 colors to choose from, pillow can chose up to 12 different colors. Wearable book for male and female, 2 reading poses, 6 normal poses, 8 poses in all.

Click here to Teleport to Journey

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Humpday happyness Special and New Release 5/26/10

It's been a while, have been busy on other stuff then the store but finally cleared all that stuff and now focusing more on the store.

Joined Humpday happyness group. This week's item for 69L is De'loire Reading spot. and will be for sale only today

And the New Release is Asturias Lamp Set, 10 different colors to choose from, low prim and very detailed. Also their only 25L for each Lamp just for today, after that they go back to 50L each

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

RFL Home and Garden Expo Releases 4/14/10

Few new releases this week and all going to a special cause, might have been hearing about the Home and Garden Expo for the RFL.
I made some special items which is for sale at the Home and Garden Expo and all proceeds will go to the American cancer foundation.
This is the 3rd Annual Home and Garden Expo and there's 8 sims to explore from a lot of great designers out there. So hope everyone has been checking it out or if haven't yet, check it out, there might be something you will find and all for a great cause.

I might be a little late but better a little late then never.
So here's the Item's what are for sale at the Expo.

!Limited time only!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

New Release 3/21/10

Hey everyone, made something fun and cute. Something for the little Ozimal's Bunnies,
yup for the little bunnies. =)
Made some scupltied hedge pen's for the little one's.
Have the Baked Lighting effect. to make it look little more realistic, low prim's and cheap as well.
Cant really see anything wrong with that so, come on down to Baustein, check them out, they're right there when you tp in.
Enjoy =)

TP to Baustein

Monday, March 15, 2010

New Release 3/16/10

Very excited this week =D

New Living room set out for sale here at Baustein.
Very happy about this set because its my own scuplties and baked textures to add a more touch to it.
this set has alot of cool new options and will be added to all my future furniture sets i will be releasing as well.
This set comes in 4 different colors in the chair and footrest. just click the chair or footrest, gives you a menu for what texture you want to have it =D
same with the plaid blanket, added 4 different textures in it and also a transparent texture so if you dont want the blanket showing =)

LM to the Mainstore

Monday, March 1, 2010

New Release 2/24/10

Winter is slowly going away, spring and summer are getting closer, and you know what that means. Trees becoming green, flowers coming again, weather is getting nicer, snow is melting, and getting all the outdoor stuff to lounge in. Well I made something low prim, might look primmy but its not :P
All scuplted prims I created my self.
Nice collection of Adirondack Set's. 6 different colors to choose from, 7 poses built in to choose, adjustable for you AV. It's fun, low prim and bunch of colors to choose from. :)
Enjoy :)
Click Here to Teleport to the Main Store

New Release 2/24/10

We remember the college years, going to parties and playing beer pong, well just for fun made a beer pong table for 50L$. So if you still love beer pong and had fun time when you were in college, can set this table up in your home or skybox or outside.

Click Here to Teleport to the Main Store

Freebie gift Released 2/9/10

I know every store should have at least one or two freebie's, so I have decided to make a Skybox but as two version's furnished and unfurnished.
A nice 20x20 Skybox, well textured, big couch where up to eight people can sit on, small waterfall next to the couch, on the three corner's of the skybox have small corner stands, so if you have little pictures, or anything to decorate, it's perfect. skybox is Mod/Copy/No Trans. Like everything else in my store.
Hope everyone enjoy's it.

Click Here to Teleport to the Main Store

Tiny bit about my self and Baustein

Hey everyone, I'm new to blogging, have had my store running for a couple of months now and decided to start making a blog.
I'm Mainit Hellman, been a builder since i've been a noob. Resident since April 08.
Baustein is german and means building stones. Just like stones or any material things get created. As in Second Life, prims are used, and thankfully we can pretty much make anything with prims, from hair, skirts, avatar's, all the way up to houses.
As of right now i create and sell Prefabs, outdoor accessories, furnitures, etc... might change in the future and Baustein expands who knows tho, so we'll see :)

So thank you everyone, I'm very excited to start blogging and show you guys what I create and have for sale :)

take care