Monday, March 1, 2010

Tiny bit about my self and Baustein

Hey everyone, I'm new to blogging, have had my store running for a couple of months now and decided to start making a blog.
I'm Mainit Hellman, been a builder since i've been a noob. Resident since April 08.
Baustein is german and means building stones. Just like stones or any material things get created. As in Second Life, prims are used, and thankfully we can pretty much make anything with prims, from hair, skirts, avatar's, all the way up to houses.
As of right now i create and sell Prefabs, outdoor accessories, furnitures, etc... might change in the future and Baustein expands who knows tho, so we'll see :)

So thank you everyone, I'm very excited to start blogging and show you guys what I create and have for sale :)

take care

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