Friday, March 16, 2012

New Release 3/16/12

Hey everyone its been a while, been crazy lately for me, but was able to create something springy for everyone, this was for sale at Disco Deals, I wasn't able to get around, blogging it and putting it on Marketplace so I apologize about that.
But am keeping it for the same price I had it at Disco Deals, for 250L$ on Marketplace

Also I would like to let everyone know, that I closed my store down in SL, BUT I will still be creating but everything will be for sale on Marketplace from now on, things been tough in RL and not able to keep up with the tier cost for my store, I do have a small parcel tho for my server boxes and if anyone needs to take a look at a product, I am more then happy to help anyone out and show it to them if they need to take a look :)

wish everyone a great weekend
-Mainit Hellman

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